These are a Few of my Favorite Things

Maria off of The Sound of Music spouted off some of her favorite things in a song. I won’t sing them to you, but here are some of my favorite people, places, movies and other miscellaneous things.

  1. Gandhi. He is the man. Ever since I first heard about him in my 8th grade economics class I’ve admired him. He is my inspiration, idol and role model. I look up to him immensely.
  2. Harry Potter. Anything related to Harry Potter. The movies, books, theme park…anything. I’ve grown up reading the books and watching the movies. I’ve been to the theme park and even dressed up in a Hogwart’s costume for Halloween this past year.
  3. The hustle and bustle of The Holidays. And when I say The Holidays I mean starting with Thanksgiving and ending after New Years. Even though the past 2 New Years I’ve been sick (without the aid of alcohol…just to clear things up.)
  4. Autumn. I absolutely love this season. The smell of burning leaves, the crisp air and the beautiful colors all around. Plus, the weather is always fantastic.
  5. Topsail Island. My family usually goes here for vacation over the summer and it is fantastic. So secluded and empty with nice places to stay.
  6. Cats. I know this makes me sound like I’m crazy (which, I have been called the Cat Lady, but I only have 3 cats!) but ever since I was little and grew up with a cat, I fell in love. Don’t get me wrong, I love all types of furry animals…but cats are definitely my favorites!
  7. My elementary school. Again, rather weird since everyone always talks about how much they hate school. Which trust me, I do now. But I absolutely loved my elementary school and love to go back and visit when I can.
  8. Photography. I’m by no means great at this. I’d just call myself an amateur. However, I take photos whenever possible and enjoy every minute of it. It’s a great way to capture moments and memories.
  9. My Parents. yeah, yeah, yeah. Everyone loves their parents, I know. But I actually look up to them. They may not always see things from my point of view (and I’m just as guilty of this) and they may sometimes believe in the theory of tough love. But we have a great bond and they have taught me some life lessons that I could learn nowhere else.
  10. Traveling. I could spend my whole life traveling. I want to see and do everything. I would like to visit all the continents (except maybe Antarctica), visit all 50 USA states and immerse myself in many cultures. Finding the time for all of this is the challenge though. It is doable, and it will be done.
  11. My Brother. Again, I know, everyone loves their siblings. But, anyone who knows me knows how close I am with my brother. We have a big age difference (7 1/2 years) but I think this makes us closer. I look up to him too and think of us as not only siblings, but friends too.
  12. Candy. This may make me seem like a fattie. But I love any type of candy. I prefer the fruity kinds, but I’ll definitely eat chocolate too. Set down any candy in front of me and you can be sure it’ll be gone pretty quick.
  13. Alaska. I went on vacation to Alaska this summer and it blew my mind. It is amazing how beautiful everything is. If it wasn’t always so cold and snowy, then I might even consider moving there.
  14. Disney World. Known as the Place Where Dreams Come True. I’d agree, this place is truly magical. I’ve been here 3 times and I can’t wait to come back someday. You can’t help but be happy and smiling when at Disney World, and great memories are guaranteed.
  15. Reading. I’ll make a separate page for my favorite books with book reviews. But I could spend an entire day reading…and I have. I’ll give any type of book a try, but I prefer realistic fiction. Book suggestions are welcome!
  16. My friends. Of course. How could they not make this list?! They listen to me rant and complain, make me smile and laugh and I always have a good time with them. Some of my favorite memories have been made with my closest friends.
  17. Trying new things. I’m always afraid of failing, and I think I always will be. But I love trying new things. And yes, sometimes I fail in the process, but it’s always a good experience and makes for some laughs. This is part of the reason for my bucket list, to help motivate me to try more new things and experience more.
  18. Thinking about the future. I love thinking about what the future may hold for me. What college I’ll go to, what I’ll major in, what career I’ll have, who I’ll marry and if I’ll have kids. So many possibilities with many different outcomes. It’s all just exciting to think about how much I still have left to do.
  19. Making lists. In case you haven’t noticed by now, I love making lists. Maybe because I’m an organized person and I love things to be in order and neat. Or maybe just because I like lists. Who knows. But I always make lists and leave them lying around the house. Just ask my mom.
  20. Football games. Let’s get this straight, I am absolutely not a football fan or love the game. I don’t even know the rules. I just love the feeling of the whole crowd participating together in cheers and the entire atmosphere of going to a game. Not only do I like going to the games, but I like listening to them on TV. I don’t like watching them however, but I like it for background noise as my dad and brother watch it. Not quite sure why, maybe it’s because the sport is played during my favorite season or because when I was little I was a cheerleader for a little league football team. But, whatever it is, I seem to like football, just not actually watching it.

If you read all the way down to the bottom then you are one devoted reader and fan. I applaud you. I tend to get a little carried away with my lists. I apologize. Thanks for sticking with me all the way to the end of my list! What are some of your favorite things? Do we have any in common? Let me know by sharing a comment, you’ll be sure to get a reply!

6 Responses to These are a Few of my Favorite Things

  1. Alexandra says:

    The smell of cedar, reading, my friends-new and old, movies, music and my elementary school too!

  2. Your mom says:

    #19- yes, I can attest to this one. Lists everywhere!
    #2- still trying to get me to fall in love with anything HP, and I frustrate her greatly.
    #9 & #11 – ((((H))))

  3. herheadache says:

    It’s crazy how many of your favourite things are mine as well. I am close with my brother. My parents are my greatest teachers. I love autumn and the holidays. My favourite time of year. I love books and especially Harry Potter. I hope to read them to my niece and nephews so they will love him just as much when they are old enough. I have also been to Disney three times. Every person should see its magic at least once. I have a bucket list too. It is my very first blog entry. I like to make lists too and I like them to be well-rounded. Mine is 30 things I will do or see by the time I double my age, from 30 to 60 years of age. Travel is a big one. I have been to Ireland, Cuba, Germany and several states, but I am from Canada and there is still so much to see here. I am going to check out your books page now.

  4. herheadache says:

    Oh and I am a candy fiend! :-) Chocolate is the best!

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