Slowly but surely…

I apologize for taking so long to write another post. Thanks to Hurricane Irene, my power was knocked out for a few days. And, as much as I hate to say it…not much has happened since my last post. I found out that the concert ticket prices are ridiculous! They expect me to pay over $100 for two concert tickets. I don’t think so. So, as of now, that list item will be on hold until a cheaper concert comes into play. Very disappointing though. On a lighter note, I am progressing through Gandhi’s autobiography. Maybe not as fast as I would like, but I’m reading it thoroughly. Just the other day I got a coloring book (princess themed of course) and a pack of crayons. I can’t say that I’ve finished the entire coloring book already, but I’ll get that done before summer ends too. Let’s just say that the pages I’ve colored so far are A+ material. I’ll try to get busy again with my list items, but most of them now are ones that take a lot more planning and time to accomplish. Sorry it has taken so long for me to post again, but I’ll try to do better. Although, with school starting up in a week, I’m thinking (and hoping I’ll be able to) post once a week. Enjoy the last few days of summer!

About bucketlisting

Just your average teenage girl trying to cross items off of a bucket list.
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