Double Whammy!

After feeling the rush and joy of crossing another item off of my list, I felt the need to go ahead and get more done. So, last night I decided to pull an all-nighter. I figured it was perfect since I had nothing planned for the next day. Well, when your entire family is up in their rooms either asleep or with the door shut by 10:30…it sure makes for a long, lonely night. I started the night of by watching How I Met Your Mother, and then browsing the web. After that I figured I might as well go ahead and update my blog after wearing red lipstick all day. So, that took up some time. But, it was still only about 12:30, the night was young…and I was already tired. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make it. I kept texting Drew all night with updates of how it was going. She was asleep of course, but it helped keep me motivated to stay up. I learned a few things pulling an all-nighter. One: the later you stay up, the more you get done. Two: as the night progresses, so does your hunger…and it never wants healthy food either. I chowed down on a few packs of fruit snacks, candy and some pretzels, I couldn’t help my self. But, I also made it a pretty productive night. I actually wrote another one of my college essays (it’ll still need to be proof-read a few times and revised, but hey, it’s finally written!). And, here comes the double whammy part…#22. Write a Letter to a Soldier can be officially crossed off too. I wrote four letters that I’m going to send using the program A Million Thanks (great program, check it out!). I hope the soldiers feel appreciated for all the dedication and hard work they do for our country. They deserve some thanks. So I encourage everyone to take some time out of their day to write them a thank you note, even if it’s not the best…heck, I did mine at 3:30 in the morning. After writing the notes and decorating the fronts of them, I went to go visit my cat. For anyone that knows me, you’d know how much I love my cats. So, I figured the best way to document #8. Pull an All-Nighter, would be to take a picture with my little cutie. Of course I’m not looking my finest, I’m bumming it to the max. But, I’m trying to have a picture for every list item, so I figured I had to have one. Apologies if the picture gives you nightmares. After the photo-shoot, I came inside and watched a movie (which I almost fell asleep during…but don’t worry, I fought to stay awake). Then, at 4:30 in the morning who did I happen to see but my mother coming down the stairs. What a little early bird! She looked so shocked to see me up, but I was about to head upstairs to get ready for bed so we only talked for a minute before I left to finally go to bed. I fought and fought hard to keep my eyes open until 5:00 am. I turned the light off at 5:03 and I guarantee you, I was fast asleep by 5:05. So, I’d say it was a very good past two days with three list items crossed off. I’m exhausted now because I’m still recovering from last night, but hopefully I’ll catch up on sleep soon! And don’t forget to please take the time to write to a soldier who gives up seeing his family and everyday comforts to keep you safe at home. I’m sure they would appreciate it more than you can imagine.


About bucketlisting

Just your average teenage girl trying to cross items off of a bucket list.
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4 Responses to Double Whammy!

  1. Your mom says:

    Even Phillip the cat looks like HE wants to go to sleep…..

  2. Drew says:

    Thank you for the phil phil picure! haha such cuties! good job for staying up that late though, I didn’t think you’d have it in you haha

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