#21. Rock a Red Lip

I will admit, I was a little hesitant about doing this. I’m not one to wear a lot of makeup, and certainly not one to make bold statements with makeup. So, as I searched for some red lipstick to put on for going out to run some errands, I realized I didn’t own any…and neither did my mom. The best I could find was a dark red lip gloss. It was good enough for me, and much bolder than anything I’d usually wear. I slicked it on and was ready to rock the red lip. Mom and I were out running errands, and while we were out we decided to do something I had just discovered and was excited to do (call me a dork if you want).

Dropping off the very first book while wearing the red lip gloss

I was ready to release a book into the wild. The night before I had stumbled upon (thank you http://www.stumbleupon.com) the bookcrossing website. It’s a website where users put labels inside of gently used books and either “release them into the wild” or do a “controlled release”. I did both. A wild release is when you place a book in a spot where some random stranger might find it and hopefully will pick it up, read it, track its journey and pass it on to someone else. A controlled release is when you give the book to a specific person. Since I love reading so much, and the idea of a stranger finding a book someplace odd and finding out about this, I figured I had to do it. Wearing my red lip gloss, Mom and I placed 5 books all around my town. Hopefully someone will follow the steps and I’ll get to see my book travel! Anyway, as we were placing one book in a Sally Beauty Supply store we saw a row of small tubes of lipstick for only 99 cents.

Rocking a red lip (even though its hard to tell) and dropping off one of the last books!

It must have been a sign. Of course we picked out the brightest red, and this time I realized that I was REALLY rocking a red lip. Let’s just say, I think I rocked it pretty hard…both times. :) And for more information about bookcrossing, check out the website at http://www.bookcrossing.com.

p.s. I realized you really can’t tell what color my lips are in either picture. But, they pretty much matched my shirt in each picture. So, I’d say the second color was a tad bit more obnoxious…


About bucketlisting

Just your average teenage girl trying to cross items off of a bucket list.
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4 Responses to #21. Rock a Red Lip

  1. Your mom says:

    Glad you got to cross this one off, but um, rather not see the red lipstick any more. At least no one you knew from school saw you wearing it, and the strangers didn’t stare!

  2. I am also a bookcrosser :-) Lovely to see you!
    But I am also a writer.
    Take care! And I hope you´ll release a lot of books.

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