#30. Tie-dye a set of sheets

I’ve tie-dyed before and I always love it. There is something calming about saturating cloth with dye and watching the colors mix together. And then the anticipation of waiting to see how it will actually look once you take the rubber bands off and unfold it. I’ve only ever done t-shirts before, and I figured it was time to move up into the big leagues and tie-dye a set of sheets. As you can imagine, this was a fairly messy process that needed lots and lots of dye. Along with two of my friends, Drew and Alex, we set off to make a masterpiece out of dye and white cloth. They both dyed t-shirts while I twirled my sheets into spirals, rubber banded them off and squirted the dye right on there. I’ve learned with tie-dye that you can’t over think it. Otherwise it’ll suck all the fun out of it. We had the three primary colors (red, blue and yellow) to dye with so they would mix and create orange, purple and green. Alex was the only smart one out of the three of us and decided to wear gloves. I’d definitely recommend this to any future tie-dyers. Me and Drew thought gloves would get in the way so we refused to wear them, oh how sorry we’d be. Our hands got completely dyed and it would not wash off. We had to google ways to get dye to come off your hands. Currently, my hands are looking clean, but my nails are still looking pretty nasty because the dye won’t come off.

Dyed hands!

Anyway, after our hands were stained and all the dye was squeezed on, the t-shirts and sheets were a colorful piece of art. I’m doing the hardest part now, waiting for it to dry some before I snap off the rubber bands and unwrap them to see how they look. Once I finally get to see them, then I’ll be sure to update this post with the final creation. Let’s hope it looks amazing, and was worth having dyed hands for 2 days!


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