#39. Make my own pair of jean cut off shorts

Well, I did it. I embraced my inner hippie and made my own cut off jean shorts. It wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be. However, I did learn my lesson. Jean shorts are not the best when they are made out of skinny jeans. They aren’t the most flattering as shorts, but the goal wasn’t to make great cut offs, it was just to make them. And I can successfully say…they have been made! They need to go through the wash a few times to get that frayed/destroyed look instead of just freshly (unevenly) cut. I have hope that they may end up looking better once they are frayed looking and stretch out some. But, we’ll see. On a different note, my birthday is tomorrow and in honor of it, I’ll be crossing off another bucket list item. Any ideas of what it should be? Preferably something that can be done in a day because I doubt I’ll have the time or money to do anything big last-minute. I’m considering sleeping under the stars tomorrow night in celebration of my birthday. But, other of my bucket list ideas are welcome too! Let me know how you think I should celebrate, and what you think of my shorts!


About bucketlisting

Just your average teenage girl trying to cross items off of a bucket list.
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