#63. Take a makeup lesson

Well, I’m not quite sure what everyone would classify as a ‘makeup lesson’, but today I went to the mall with my partner in crime, Drew, to get our makeup done by Clinique at the makeup counters they have there. This was mainly done because senior pictures are tomorrow and we want to know what shades look best for our skin color and how to actually apply makeup. Yes, we can do the basics. We know how to wear mascara and blush, but we really wanted to learn how to apply eyeliner. I’d say that is possibly one of the hardest things to master with makeup. It never seems to look good when I try to put it on. It either looks like way too much, or smudgy. Anyway, the ladies that helped us at Clinique were very helpful and informative. I loved the way my makeup looked (even if it might have been just a bit much than what I would normally wear) and I’m excited to try using eyeliner like she taught me. Let’s just hope it actually looks good when I do it! And, wish me luck for my senior pictures tomorrow!

*Update-the senior pictures did go pretty well. After taking a longg time to get ready, I looked picture perfect. I saw lots of classmates while waiting to have my picture taken and it was nice to catch up with them. We’ll get the proofs of the pictures in about 3 weeks, I’m hoping I’ll love them!*


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3 Responses to #63. Take a makeup lesson

  1. Miranda says:

    Oh man, I’m so horrible with makeup. I actually go without about 95% of the time, but I keep begging my friend to give me a lesson, cause her makeup always looks flawless!

    • I couldn’t agree more. When I wear makeup its usually very little, if any at all. Keep bugging that friend and hopefully she’ll cave in and teach you how! The counters at the mall actually were more helpful than I expected, so if she refuses then you always could go there! Plus its still free. :)

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