#17. Go parasailing

Being held up by only a parachute…sounds pretty dangerous. However, I finally got up the nerve to go parasailing while at the beach. I went with two of my close friends. We got to ride a banana boat out to a small boat where we floated even further out to the middle of the ocean. We switched boats over to the parasailing boat where the crew was jamming out to some music and pretty relaxed. I thought we’d have a safety briefing or something, but no, we just had to wing it. However, everybody that worked for this company was extremely nice and outgoing. Takeoff from the boat was kinda scary because all of a sudden you lift off into the air from the boat and start rocking back and forth while trying to maintain your balance in the air. It was surprisingly peaceful and calm once up in the sky. One of my favorite parts was probably when they dipped us. They bring you down some into the water so your legs graze the ocean and then quickly bring you back up into the air. Besides taking off, landing was pretty scary too. We had to keep our legs completely straight out in front of us while holding on to a bar above us. This did not feel like a very sturdy or safe position, but we did it. As you got closer to the boat, someone from the crew reached out to grab your legs and bring you in. Although landing and taking off were a little bit scary, I would parasail again in a heartbeat. It amazed me how peaceful it was and how it feels to be up in the sky with only a harness and parachute for support.


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