#3. Go snorkeling

Well, it may not have been technically snorkeling in the ocean, but it was definitely snorkeling. On a spring break trip down to Florida, me, my mom, Drew and her mom all went to Discovery Cove. This place was amazing! I would highly recommend anyone to check it out and go there. Anyway, there was this large area of water filled with coral, fish, sting rays and even a few baby sharks to snorkel in. I’m not the best swimmer, and they didn’t provide life vests so it got a little scary at times. But it was great! We took an underwater camera with us and took many pictures of fish and coral. Unfortunately, I was too much of a scaredy cat to go look at the sharks. We lost track of time while we were snorkeling and had to rush to get ready to make our flight back home. It was very peaceful and calming once you got the hang of it, but at first…it was pretty scary trying to swim while only breathing through a tube. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to do this again someday in the open ocean, but for now, I’m very blessed and happy with my Discovery Cove trip.


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