#18. Ride in a helicopter

After watching the show Survivor for years and seeing all the helicopter rides they get to go on, I’ve been ready for my own small flight. Lucky for me, this summer it happened. On a family vacation to Alaska, my parents decided that they wanted to see the beautiful area by air too. I was pumped! Riding in a helicopter was much smoother than a plane and I loved how close you could get to the ground. We saw a grizzly bear within the first few minutes up in the air and later saw some mountain goats. Later on we stopped at a small island near a glacier and got to hear it calving and be amazed at the majestic sites. Even though it may not seem very exciting to other people, my favorite part about the helicopter ride was having a headset and using it to speak to everyone else. I think I liked it because it made it unique and felt way different from riding in a plane. Sometimes, even the smallest things make a difference.


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